Dating single dads?

Make sure the mother isn’t a complete psycho first off. Make sure he doesn’t pay alimony and make sure the child support payments are fair and she isn’t using them to buy fake titties, hair extensions and party while she leaves the little ones at home alone. (All verified by a P.I.) I’m totally serious as I have dealt with this personally and my husband pays LIFETIME alimony to a complete nutcase (her entire family is on our side in court and we had 13 contempt’s of court on her and the judge kept granting her continuances). Also, don’t let the kids like you too much or she will make them think you are the devil. Basically, I don’t recommend it and I’d go for someone childless. I have a son as well but his dad and I got along great and coparented great so it CAN happen but watch out for the things I mentioned. It will zap all your money and energy and turn you quite bitter like it did to me.

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