Dating a Turk-hating Greek, looking for redditor to talk to, and a Turkish name

Wow such maturity.

The edgy little kid who has Ottoman Empire wet dreams and has a flair in Turkic runes got really mad because the mean bad western boy spoke a language he doesn't like, awwww :( I'm sowwy, can we be fwenz?

I just checked your post and comment history and it's absolutely cringy to say the least hahaha. Just a pariah troll who thinks he's too valiant because he sets "Ottoman Empire" on every subreddit flair he comments. Good luck on trying to spread hate on Reddit and take pride in killing people like that's okay, that's just a confirmation of how barbarian and uncivilised you are.

You're a complete outcast, I'm truly sorry for you. What an excuse of a human being you are.

This is some deep rooted projection. Do they have mirrors in that shithole called Brazil? Is Brazil an improvement of the shithole your parents fled (Greece)?

I've checked your post history too and all I can do is cringe. Waltz into /r/Armenia asking diaspora Armenians living in Glendale about Eastern Turkey. That was great, this dweeb is also on a campaign and criticizes anything Turkish. Beyond sad and pathetic.

You'd think because his ancestors left that shithole called Greece, that you would adapt and assimilate in Brazil. Yet you still cling onto this part of the world trying to prove whatever baseless point to "da evil turk."

Your opinions don't mean shit to me and I hope you die. Good luck with your shit life, "linguist."

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