Daughter of dog breeder speaks about horrific conditions in Kahaluu house

That last sentence is missing a few words, so I'm going to take a guess at what you meant.

Every time there are obvious mental health issues in any reddit thread there is someone like you trying to white knight for someone in obvious distress. Having mental health issues is not shameful in any way, and the people who are presenting are not in need of defense when someone is speaking up to say "lets get them some help."

In this case we have a young girl who presents with obvious trauma and states: "I just wanted help, all I ever wanted was help." She states this while stammering and crying on camera, looking somewhat disheveled and at a loss for words. She grew up in an environment where animals were being abused and filthy with animal feces. I don't think anybody with a heart needs to go far in the "armchair psychoanalysis" to see there is a problem here. So spare me your sarcasm.

Anybody who might know her can take her to many places that offer free counseling. If she is in high school or university, it is very easy as there are free school psychologists easily accessible there. If she is not in either of those situations there are still free mental health counseling services available to her. I don't know the area in which she lives as I am from Big Island, but I know there are services available in the Kaneohe area.

All I am asking is that someone who knows her please take note and make sure she gets the help she clearly needs. I cannot imagine growing up in conditions so disturbing that I would have my family arrested to stop the cycle of abuse happening around me. I just hope she gets the help she is literally asking for.

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