Daughter posting about mom (Kelly Ann conway) a few hours ago

That may be true, but why antagonize someone whom you HAVE to live with if that's the case? The second vid that was posted, she says she doesn't want to get her mother in trouble but she's posting about it to bring awareness to it? She wants the news people to talk to her about this which would get her mother in trouble REGARDLESS. There are other ways to go about these types of things. My point was that posting all this stuff when she doesn't have anywhere else to go isn't the best idea. She has said before that CPS doesn't do shit because of how powerful her mother is. I'm saying why would you post this stuff online where her mother can build up a case against her instead of going straight to people who can do stuff, therefore not giving her mother a chance to get her ducks in a row? Why would you give you abuser time to prepare a rebuttal? By posting this stuff (on social media and NOT giving it directly to reporters/ the police/etc) she is putting herself in a position where she could be further abused. It looks really fishy from that angle.

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