Daughter went to hospital via Ambulance while with Nex. I was not notified. Even after the fact.

Thank you, I did contact him via text and politely told him I expect to be contacted in emergencies (this is already in our court order, not word for word, but basically). He didnt even respond. He's playing the no contact game now it seems.....but I deserve to know if she is in the hospital. Also, he didnt even let me know what the Dr said. She told me her back is really sore today. I have no idea what he was advised to do with her, etc. I mean, she could have been paralyzed. That was my first thought. I feel like this his way of playing dirty. He is too smart to not know he should contact me. And he would expect me to contact him FOR SURE. He would lose his shit if I didnt let him know about something similar.

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