Why is Dave Meltzer suddenly so hated?

i havent seen that much meltzer hate on reddit, and when then its always the same troll accounts.

but on youtube (and on reddit) its mostly because njpw had an outstanding good year when it comes to feuds and matches so obv he talks a lot about njpw atm. now most "pro wrestling fans" are actually just "wwe fans" (nothing negative per se, watching more than 1 wrestling show is very time consuming soo obv not everyone can do it and will just watch the biggest/most famous show) and for those fans its really hard to believe that another wrestling show is doing well atm and they think its overhype or bias by meltzer. and for them its also annoying to hear from meltzer (and other people) how good njpw atm is and how much better it is than wwe.

so their reaction is mostly to say that meltzer is a dweeb (i swear to god the first time i saw the world dweeb was on this subreddit when someone used it to trashtalk meltzer) and say how meltzer automatically gives wrestling matches in japan 5 stars and how he hates american wrestling or some shit. its so funny because a few years ago meltzer was shitting on njpw so hard and it won WON's worst wrestling promotion and so on.

so i wouldnt say that this subreddit has a huge anti meltzer circlejerk going on atm, but i do think it has a huge anti-smark circlejerk going on. imo its mostly because wwe is doing some full retard booking atm and many fans are shitting on the "smarks" for calling it out.

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