Dave Rubin is by far one of the best youtubers this video is right on many levels.> "You're a Racist! You're a Bigot!" [misleading title]

Elder is not an open thinker. He gets his talking points just like anyone else and doesn't recognize any injustices that are still prevalent. For me, that interview was the perfect example of why I still consider myself a part of the left no matter how hard that's become. Dave did not have good responses when challenged to identify any institutional biases against black people. Elder claims there are none, racism solved. But just look at the federal report after Ferguson that outlines a ton of oppressive tactics that fund the local government on constant fines against poor blacks, look at the justice system where poor black people are held on crazy bonds they can't pay and sit in jail for petty crimes, look at the continued "redlining" of black communities by banks, look at the re-emergence of voting laws that disproportionally limit black people's ability to get to the polls, look at incarceration rates that take away black people's right to vote. So I'm not saying elder doesn't have a point when his main focus is on rugged individualism and that a determined black person can't rise in society, but you have to recognize that that rise faces greater institutional resistance. Any discrepancy in resistance is inequitable and should be rectified. It just has to be recognized, its just undeniable if you hear the firsthand accounts of the majority of black people about how any attempts at better lives are just met with more roadblocks, even if they are only slight ones. It's like Chris Rock joked about being as successful as he could be to get into his rich neighborhood and find his white neighbors there are dentists. It was a joke and I'm not quite telling it here, but the gist was that he was climbing the peaks if what any black person could dream, and he knows the hard work that took, meanwhile for his white neighbors it was just ordinary dentistry. I don't think anyone should get anywhere because of their skin color, but I do think there should be help for clearly qualified people to get ahead in a system that sometimes even subconsciously repels their natural advancement.

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