David admitted to taking an adderall in one of Jenelle's many video's... do you think it was from Jace's bottle? Do you think they pocket his medication regularly?

I don't think he cares much for jenelle or his own children for that matter, let alone Jace who he likely has zero bond with anyway. Jace has nothing good to say about David (only that they're POS and he didn't want her marrying him in the first place). Jenelle hasn't had the biggest regard for Jace EVER, over the entire course of his life... She frequently put drugs/weed/partying/AND SPECIFICALLY MEN over Jace since he was only weeks old. Maybe she wouldn't put a pill over him (taking it from him) but if David wanted too, do you honestly think she would put Jace before David's desire/request (even if she was equipped to put her child first for the FIRST time ever, would David even stand for it? if he wanted one of his pills david will get one of the pills, regardless i think) . also because it's well established she doesn't give Jace his meds everday he's in her care. There has been confirmed leftover pills.

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