David Clarke, Milwaukee sheriff: 'Progressive left has put my citizens in harm's way' - Washington Times

Sheriff Clarke uses his race to win elections in Milwaukee - believe it or not, but blacks overwhelmingly voted this guy in office despite the very vocal criticism he receives from certain community leaders. Although he's not liberal on virtually any issue, Clarke remains a registered Democrat solely for the sake of opportunism. He removed job training/GED programs from prisons (please Google "recidivism") and advocated serving "rancid" nutraloaf to inmates on discipline (perhaps in some misguided effort to emulate Sheriff Arapaio). Oh, and let's not forget that he's a crazy authoritarian who incites conflict with other state/local officials.

Despite being a darling of the conservative media and the alt-right, he's also married to a blonde white woman - apparently, his supporters on this aisle of the political arena must not recognize that fact.

Seriously, this guy has a simple strategy - exploit black voters to get in office, manipulate conservative radio/news, and burn bridges with other leaders. Yes, the incident in Milwaukee was out of hand, but cretins like this guy definitely don't have the solutions.

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