David Starr pretty much saying Boris Johnston deserves coronavirus is ok, but Scott Hall tweeted this out? DAE BAD TASTE!

One, that’s not how the EU works. The UK already had notable exceptions from the rest, including not using the Euro, and Germany doesn’t control the EU, its just a leader

Two, about half of Britain’s trade (import and export) is with the EU, so now they’re subject to EU trade regulations and have no way to impact them, and they lose the collective bargaining power the EU had with other nations.

Three, despite claims of putting 350 Million pounds back into the NHS, the NHS is still as stressed as it was before, if not worse, thanks to the Tories, and plenty of EU Nurses and Doctors are no longer in Britain, so Coronavirus is likely to be a massive issue.

Four, the British Pound is at its weakest against the Euro right now, and its at a 35 year low against the dollar. Most major financial research groups believe that this is due to Brexit.

Fifth, the idea of Sovereignty is ridiculous, considering Britain is still in NATO, The UN, The WTO, etc etc. They don’t have real true independence. By leaving the EU they no longer have to follow some rules, but they lose influence in international affairs which isn’t worth it imo.

Six, reduced immigration as a result of Brexit has led to skill shortages, and hasn’t created many, if any new jobs to compensate

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