Day 1 / NA LACS 2018 Spring - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion

Mickey: Once the star midlaner on a promising mid tier Korean team, now 1-6-0 losing against Tuesday

MrRallez: Super consistent mid tier EU adc who never got a chance to show himself in a top team, now 2-4-3 against a brand new challenger team

Levi: One of the most hyped junglers in the world, 2 time allstar jungler, MSI and Worlds attendee, now playing with a bunch of nonames hoping an NA LCS team picks him up.

Xpecial: Veteran player who's played for some of the biggest orgs in NA, plenty of strong international performances, now 1-5-3 and playing with Jurassiq compared to S2 Chaox/S3 Wildturtle/Piglet/Arrow

Piglet: World champion to losing in Academy playing with a bunch of nonames and Moon

This is depressing :(

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