Day After Employees Vote to Unionize, Target Announces Fleet of Robot Workers [x-post /r/Futurology/]

So you're talking about early union jobs being in the 60s? Unions literally had shootouts, where people were actually killed, in the 1800s.

Generally these workers were doing very skilled harsh manual labor like forging steel, mining, and building massive structures, where just one fuck up could kill you.

Unions used to be about making sure people who put their lives in danger every minute of their day were treated fairly. And by treated fairly, meaning they actually got paid, no company script, and weren't forced to work 20 hour days where fatigue killed your fellow coworker.

Union now are about extremely unskilled and easily replaced labor, that absolutely nothing. Unions now want their dues, in some states force you to pay them to work a job, and then spend your money politically campaigning, and enriching the leaders pockets.

If a company is following the laws, paying employees what the laws state, not risking lives, which we've pretty much taken care of through thousands of regulations, then sure, they might be useful. But, a fucking grocery store worker unionizing? Come the fuck on. This is the kind of shit that gets you put out of a job, just like when we shut down most of the factories, when they went overseas, because labor demanded way more than it was worth dealing with.

I'm sorry, but this event has played out in several industries over the past 150 years. Mining is gone, raw material production is gone, manufacturing is gone. The only bits we have left are so automated, that one person now does the job that took 20 before.

If we can have robots build extremely intricate machinery that weighs thousands of pounds capable of killing many people, that one robot replaced hundreds of extremely skilled workers, of which happened extremely fast because of unions, low skilled workers putting boxes and cans on shelves are next to go.

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