Daycare happening in less than a month. Worried about my 2.5 year old.

One tip that will help: have a drop of routine.

Everyone is right. It will take time to adjust. That's normal. Brace for it.

I work in a daycare, and I can tell you that parents who have a consistent drop off routine that they stick to have children who (typically) adjust quicker.

As soon as you walk into the school, try and do roughly the same thing every day. Come in, help daughter put her things away, quick chat with the teacher, give daughter hugs and kisses, say good bye, and walk out.

She will learn the routine, and it will become comfortable to her in time. Don't sneak out, it may be easiest at first but it'll be harder in the long run. You want her to trust that you will never leave without saying goodbye. Children who don't have this trust tend to become more anxious in time.

Once you say goodbye, don't linger... and don't turn around and come back. Going against this advice will, unfortunately, teach her that crying gets mommy to stay. It's not a conscious, manipulative decision on her part, but I've seen children work themselves into pretty bad panics because they've been conditioned to learn that their misery earns your company.

Have a routine. Don't linger. Don't let her on to your anxiety. She'll get better.

If you follow this advice, I can predict what will happen. Monday will be rough. Tuesday will be rough. Wednesday will be rough. Thursday will be rough. Friday... She'll have a pretty good day. And the next week? Monday will be rough. Tuesday well be rough. Wednesday will be rough. Thursday she'll have a pretty good day. And on it will go for a while. And one day, and the day will creep up on you, she will enjoy daycare.

It will be okay. :)

Oh! I also want to add that this process is also about what makes you most comfortable, too. If you want to schedule a couple days before you officially start where you and your daughter visit, do that. I haven't noticed a big difference that it's made in the child, but I have noticed that parents who do this feel less anxious about their choice. And that is a very good thing! Best of luck!

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