DBS: Broly - Full Movie Spoilers - Discussion Thread!

Enjoyable film for the most part. Liked that Broly was given more personality as well as friends and maybe a possible love interest. Curious to see where they go with that. Animation was good, fights were explosive and it was funny at times.

Though at the same time I thought the flashback sequence went on for a little too long and I was disappointed that Broly's Legendary Super Sayian form wasn't given the same amount of spectacle and attention as the previous movies. That transformation is Broly's whole gimmick, it's the form that once he enters it, we know the other guy is screwed.

But here, Broly goes Legendary and it does practically nothing. Gogeta just goes Super Saiyan Blue and beats the crap out of him, which is lame because it makes Broly look like a whimp. Yeah the fact they were forced to use Fusion to beat him is impressive, but it would've been cooler if Gogeta struggled in the end.

Again not saying the movie is bad but I don't think it's as perfect as everyone says and this is coming from a Broly fan.

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