DEA cut opioid production. We begged them not to fearful of a catastrophic event. Here we are... a pandemic and an opioid shortage.

The current administration started this bullshit because of money. Just when folks were getting the pain meds they needed because of Obama care, Congress decided in a dick move to the the hands of the DEA on a schedule 2 drug so they couldn't prosecute anyone, with anything to do with Oxy, and allow them to self regulate. Truth is this was RIGHT after the self regulation of the big banks. They just figured out how to kill something off. And the issue pissing Congress off is MONEY. Whenever costs skyrocket for their precious Insurance Lobby, just like cigarettes did and alcohol did before prohibition they find a way to shut down whatever is causing the system to go crazy regardless of the quality of our lives because frankly, they don't give a fuck about the people who suffer because they are usually not contributing tax dollars to their system. They want the system to squeeze the shit out of the middle class, fucking make them slaves to the dollar so the Industry execs can screw their workforce as well, make huge returns and stuff their pockets full of money for their lifelong political job of fucking everyone but the rich and Industrialists. And guess what? Every Corporation in the Health Insurance Industry for Individuals had Record profits, the year after they fucked us with that 90 Morphine Milligram Equivalent chart.

Oxy 12 hour ER is a crappy drug. Whatever they did to make it non snortable is probably what is screwing it up. They made changes to it 4 times at least, and the problem is every 2 months the patient needs a higher dose. This insures that the bill to pharms is huge.

I can say what they did to shut down Oxy cost thousands of lives of non addicts through suicide, strokes, heart attacks. They did not care. The same thing with the Pandemic. How long did it take for them to treat this seriously? The doctors they have in charge of this are complete assholes. Dont cover your face because we need masks in the Hospital. China figured this out long ago that even a fart can pass the Virus and that was in the news and I commented on it long before these idiots passed on the knowledge that the threat could be passed in that manner or by breathing. It's pretty much the same. Aerosol from your breath or your ass can pass it and asymptomatic was on my mind as well..

Republicans are looking at dollar signs underestimating everything because in the end the cost will be huge. Those doctors on his team know exactly what's going on and frankly they are stroking this thing for dollars and Political gain. They want to go, look what we did, when in fact Republicans were warned in the Bush administration they were dropping the ball. Obama did the same, so did Trump when it came to the stockpile of medical supplies, warned, pfft whatever. Now they have shipped non functional units all over.

They could care less about us. Nor our meds. Not our lives The only thing they care about is MONEY, Taxpayer dollars, Political donations and Their Special Interests Money. Where is the order to make enough masks for everyone in the United States?

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