Dead-bedroom cured, but has me questioning things…

Maybe this is what I have to do.

I can’t get my husband to have sex with me. We used to do it 3-4 times daily. And ppl have quickly responded that that isn’t sustainable, but come on… once every 3 months ?!

I think he’s disgusted by me. I’m 9 months postpartum and I get sweaty - breastfeeding increases this. I’m also 50 lbs overweight. My hair and makeup are rarely done.

He says I’m too direct in my approach to sex. He says he needs seducing. And that we would like for me to smell “like a stripper”.

Definitely think he thinks I’m needy.

What’s funny is that I do all the cleaning around the house (he’s not satisfied with it)- granted he’s not a messy person and will clean up his own stuff for the most part- I’ll do the rest. He does his own laundry.

The baby is all me. Feeding. Bathing. Laundry. Cleaning of room. I stay at home with baby 5/7 days - I bring home 50% of the amount he does monthly.

I’m worried that after I do all of this that I won’t want him anymore out of resentment for all I had to do- am I the asshole?

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