Dead State Developer trying to get critical review taken off Steam

Streisand effect in it's full glory. I've always been into zombie and survival games, and although I've yet to actually see any gameplay of this game, I did hear a youtuber talk about it and how he was excited to play it. And so I kept a mental note of this game in my mind. Then I saw this post on reddit, and before I read the comments, my initial reaction was that the Dev's probably shouldn't have tried to censor out the review, but I didn't yet completely write the game off my list. And then I read some of Annie w/elastname's blog/twitter post and that was that. I'm not even gonna give this game the light of day. Either you get someone to approve of her social media posts before she actually posts or you just get her to shut the fuck up. If her kneejerk reaction to criticism (from PAYING customer, let alone potential ones who haven't given a dime yet) is to insult them outright and lash out like a 13 year old, then this company is obviously too immature to deserve my money. This entire situation reminded me of a shitty wedding reception place in New York or whatever that would threaten to charge $500 for every negative review that was left on yelp. And guess what? They got fucked in the ass and their yelp reviews are now completely fucked. Their entire image went to the shitter.

Good job Doublebear, maybe when you start up a new company you guys will actually go through some PR training and learn that this is definitely not the way you conduct business.

Oh well, I'm more than happy to see another scumbag company get shit on and lose tons of money for lack of composure and professionalism.

Oh yeah, playing the victim card and typing *sad* smileys won't help the situation. Stop shifting the blame and just own up to it. You fucked this all of proportion because of mismanagement, there's no other way to put it. He didn't cost your company a ton of sales. You did.

Happy Holidays :).
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