A Deadly Adoption: A superb Lifetime spoof - Few people can sell a line like ‘You know the dangers of diabetic kitoacidosis’ as well as Will Ferrell – add enormous orchestration, endless cellphone failure and a sinister pregnant hottie and you’ve the mother of all trash movie satires.

I mean, I talked about like four other movies. Your argumentative style seems to be pinpointing on one thing I said and then expanding instead of looking at the whole of my argument. Everything you said is a minor plothole - not a GAPING plothole.

Jurassic World literally had things that invalidated the script. Super expensive theme park full of dinosaurs? One chopper with one gun. Not enough evacuation materials. Not enough anything. Oh, and to fight the Super Advanced Mutant Dinosaur that we have been watching in captivity for two years (yet we are still completely unaware of all its abilities for some reason, even though we genetically enhanced it to have these abilities) we should send like ten guys with guns. They won't be brutally murdered or anything.

Oh, and people are sick of dinosaurs? Really? People still go to Sea World for fuck sake, do you really think we'd have to genetically engineer a dinosaur for people to go see dinosaurs? There would be people paying money out the ass forever for one dinosaur, let alone a park full of them. The entire premise of the movie is flawed and dumb as shit.

I mean, these aren't even on the same level. Yours are nitpicks. Mine are things within a script any intern would pick out and go, "WHAT THE FUCK?"

You would literally not be able to make any of these contentions with Mad Max, which is as near perfect an action movie as you can have, or Skyfall, which itself is pretty brilliantly shot and acted, or Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which has real characters and real people doing things that make sense - hell, the first twenty minutes is almost devoid of dialogue altogether and shows the impact of the ape society on the world. A totally stupid premise turned into genuinely affecting cinema. A.K.A. NOT Jurassic World.

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