Deadmau5 banned?

I can understand a lot of what you're saying and would agree with it but I would like your thoughts on this aspect of it. The ways in which previous ethnicity, religions or sexuality has been persecuted over history has from what I understand had a gradual decline in severity of punishments or oppression, limits of their freedom or how they're believed to be in-superior or such and I think we can all feel good that today's societies on a whole a far more progressive than 200 or even 500 years ago. My point is that how long can the newer generations really keep holding on to these negative words? and allow there historical context stick with it as we all become a more progressive society in future. At what point are these negative connotations attached to these words going to fade away? referring back to what you mentioned earlier in context to power, how there wasn't enough apparent white people oppression in certain continents to warrant them being effective slurs for racism against white people. Will the future societies not be on such an even playing field in regards to things like religions, sexuality or ethnicity that the words just lose meaning to history? does it not feel like the more people that research about there past oppression or such just keep the emotional fuel burning?

I don't use any of these words personally like the fag or the n word even in jokey private context so it has no effect on me that we as societies persecute people using these terms in derogatory manors but what good does it do continually moving the goal posts more and more to the dissuade or punish end of the spectrum rather than cut down on all these words we find that offends something because we just choose to rise above what is being said. I would imagine that there is a good deal of people use these words in a manor that is more akin to swearing at someone like calling them a dickhead in a short outburst of anger (like when you get burnt or something) than actually using it for the connotation it its perceived for (to try and annoy them the most possible basically) rather than genuinely using them as hate speech even if they do sound trashy. Do we not enable particular spectrums on the political scale to take advantage of this and produce propaganda from it? there are parties all around the world that will use partial platforms to seemingly restore free speech whilst advertising it's being taken away from them (lying for votes to manipulate things) which I believe we're currently seeing in the UK which in itself causes knock on effects elsewhere

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