Deal breaking on smoking.

NO. Former smoker here, smoke free for more than a decade. Once I decided to quit for good, even those who would try not to smoke around me as they knew I was quitting, would at some point always need to sneak away for a cigarette, especially if we were somewhere other people were smoking. You can't remove the triggers from your life that motivate you to smoke, you can only remove the smoke.

I smoked from age 20-38, I can smell cigarette smoke a mile away. If you're an active smoker, you smell like cigarettes to non-smokers. No amount of cologne on your clothes or breathe mints in your mouth can cover it. So unless you buy a new car, rent an alternative apartment and replace your entire wardrobe with a smoke-free wardrobe only to be worn when you're with her, as long as you smoke, the smell of cigarette smoke will always be detectable on you to a former smoker, I feel we're highly sensitive to the smell.

She more than likely realized when she met up with you that she will always be able to detect the smell of cigarette smoke on you and decided to move on.

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