Dealer willing to sell Fentanyl even after knowing the person might die. ‘It’s your life bro’

Here in Norway the police and politicians are equally stupid. We have lobby groups basically embedded in the police that lobby against decriminalizing and legalizing for no other reason than it makes the police money to be able to arrest kids and drug addicts.

Ah, yes, NNPF. We have them here as well, under the name SNPF. Many sobriety and anti-drug organizations have close ties to their sister organizations in Norway.

The prime minister is also staunchly against decriminalizing because he had politically powerful friends that fund his shit, who are against it. It’s fucking embarrassing. They are trying to implement a law that says basically, if you do enough drugs to be a “heavy addict”, whatever that means, then you wont get arrested, but if you aren’t a “heavy addict”, then they will arrest you. Enforcement of that kind of law is going to be a shit show and just make it worse.

Yeah, it's super sad. I have a lot of respect for Erna Solberg who took the evaluation made by Rusreformutvalget to heart and urged for a reform. But the social democrats in Norway have very close ties with the social democrats in Sweden, so it was a given they'd vote no.

I just wish the war on drugs would end.

Me too, man.

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