Dear antivaxxers, why so quiet?

If any friend of family member of mine had asked for evidence of why I didn't want the covid vax, I would have ran them out of my house. It's my business why I don't want it. Unlike others on here, I am not anti-vax, just no covid vax. My reasons are my own. You do you. My only issue is that the hate that people show for my choice not take an optional vaccine is just that, hate. For no reason. Oh well some on here say, no, it's not hate but your stupid and you have killed people by spreading it...yada yada. Like they know anything about me. They are just spreading hate. But this is Reddit and that's kinda the game on here isn't it? A platform for keyboard warriors to wage battle if for no other reason but to feel good about themselves as they peer out of the basement at the world going by. The real tragedy is the loss of civility in normal discourse. The so called adults in the room are now just bots and faceless wannabes with nothing else to do.

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