Dear Atheist of Reddit, if we exist, why can’t God or god, or gods exist?

Bruh, I deny God exists. God was originally thought of to be an explanation for the things that we didn't understand, but now since the human race has grown more intelligent, common sense just overides God. You thank him when something goes good, but claim it wasn't him when things go bad. Some believers think evolution isn't real because he directly created us in the bible. This is false. SOME also think that the earth is flat and back ot up with God because it said something in the bible or whatever. We know this is false. If you didagree explain a solar eclipse.

Adding to that, almost every scientist is athiest because they understand the logic that an immortal being that has never been born, will never die, knows everything, can do everythingand anything, is IMPOSSIBLE and ILLOGICAL.

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