Dear average/chubby/big guys, I notice you all the time online or IRL but you always ignore me, drop off the radar, or stand me up because I'm fat. (My Experience with Approaching Guys)

I really hope this isn't going to sounds mean or cruel but unfortunately like someone else said you're just in that age range. The age where men and women are generally speaking looking for casual sex unless they meet someone they have to be with. Good news is that stage doesn't last too long. I'm 25 and I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years and I can tell you had I not met her I'd probably just be coming out of my "Fuck everyone that will have me" stage.

Having said that I don't really know how reddit can help you figure out what youre doing wrong, if anything. After reading your post you seem like a really awesome person but someone describing themselves is different than having a conversation and flirting. Hell even that is completely different to interacting with you one on one and for a prolonged period of time. Simply put no one here can really hope to help you because we simply don't know what you're like beyond first impressions. I don't mean that to sound mean or imply you're a different person etc just that everyone has faults and quirks about them so it's hard to give you dating advice.

But I will say this. A woman who is confident and social is a huge turn on for most men. No one wants to go on a date with someone, man or woman who is a buzzkill. You said that you cover up and keep mentioning youre fat and that you're not the type of woman to throw it in people's faces. Well pardon my French but who gives a shit if you're fat? The picture of the woman you posted I happen to find extremely attractive. For the simple fact that she looks confident and is owning her body and making it sexy.

I'm not saying throw it in people's faces but maybe you should find some outfits or a style that makes you equally confident and look great. If you wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy, go out and socialise a bit more I will guarantee you this. You might not find the love of your life straight away but you will notice a lot more attention from men and who knows you will probably end up going on a lot more dates. Worse case scenario is you make new friends and feel confident about yourself.

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