Dear Christians, I propose an end to the War on Christmas.

This post comes off as ignorant and a little misguided so here is my $0.02.

LGBT: Most of us have no issue with the alphabet people. We believe that marriage and sex is between a man and a woman and that doing otherwise is a sin. That is all. I have gay friends and I don't wage war against them

Evolution: The people that this applies to I feel like wouldn't be on Reddit. If my child's faith is swayed by a middle school science teacher then he didn't have strong faith to begin with.

Abortion: A living being would have been born if that baby wasn't aborted. Also most abortions are for convenience. "I'm not ready." "I'm just a kid." The exception I can think of is maybe rape but you should put the child up for adoption at least.

If someone doesn't want to believe in the bible that's fine. We are called to love everyone no matter what.

If anyone disagrees, feel free to argue with me

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