Dear diary... It's me, the judge with the bun and the gold who doesn't appreciate Valentina's BEAUTIFUL oufit and I said what I said bitch | Sunday Edition - August 16, 2020

This would’ve been my lipstick choices as a contestant on All Stars (I would ignore friendships, unless they’re really strong. I’d just get rid of the competition)

AS2: Phi Phi (super talented but hated, so I can get along with that), Detox (so I can weaken Rolaskatox), Ginger (super talented but less popular that Katya), Katya (bottom twice in a row), PhiPhi (same reason), Tatianna (get rid of the competition), Alaska (bye bitch, that’s the only way to get the crown)

AS3: Morgan (same reason as Dela), Thorgy (she’d slay comedy challenges and Kennedy is loved by every other queen), Milk, ChiChi, Shangela (top6 is the right time to make a bold move), Shangela (same), Bebe (I’d assume they want the og winner to win again, so same as Alaska)

AS4: Jasmine (bigger competition), Farrah (I can’t save her over Monique, I’d be the biggest target), Gia, Monet (I can ger rid of someone with a win with the excuse that I can’t eliminate Latrice), Trinity (she was the worst and did bad two weeks in a row), Naomi (knowing Valentina would probably be in the bottom again and eliminated), Manila, Monet

AS5: Derrick, Ongina, India (too soon to try to send Shea home), Mayhem, India, Alexis, Blair (these are more or less the same because with the whole group choosing, it’d be risky to pull out a Naomi, see what happened to Alexis)

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