Dear diary... it's me, Laganja! Monday edition April 20, 2020

Here’s some All Stars 9 T:

Robbie Turner gets casted as stunt casting/RuPaul being completely oblivious to the entire Uber controversy. Performs a monologue about eyeliner (Ross Matthews cries) for the talent show , places high (Nebraska body slams a series of larger and larger balloons and wins)

Week 2: Honey Davenport is about to open up about something from her past. Robbie makes up a story and some people notice, Blair calls her out. Blair and Robbie top 2 for the tik tok dance challenge, and lipsync to tik tok by Kesha, Blair wins. Robbie gets pissed and storms off stage, pushing a camera over.

Week 3 is... a conjoined triplet sewing challenge. Robbie places in the bottom 2 but gets a pep talk from Ru. Ru giving her classic armchair psychology. Beginning of rudemption arc (Yuhua gets sent home instead, she leaves the competition upon realizing she would no longer be a Local Queen)

Week 4: Robbie makes a mental health breakthrough and decides not to lie about things nobody actually cares about. Challenge is a rusical, like Herstory of the World but is actually about straight men. Robbie and James Charles win, it’s a double elimination (Monet X Change and Sum Ting Wong) Robbie also decides to self eliminate for no reason

Week 5: There are now only four queens left in the competition so they skip the last few challenges and move ahead to the Top 4 Rumix. It’s Blair, Nebraska, Cucu and Delta Work, writing lyrics to Ru re-releasing I Bring the Beat. Eventually the top 2 is down to Blair and Delta Work. Ru then decides to Stephen King Carrie Delta on TV and then send her home. Blair is about to be crowned, when Robbie reappears. That’s when they lipsync to Vroom Vroom... it’s the best/worst lipsync of all time, Michelle has to go to the hospital (off camera) The episode is running long so Showtime actually cuts off the end and leaves the winner to be revealed in next week’s episode.

Unfortunately the show gets cancelled and pulled off of TV and streaming services indefinitely.

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