Dear diary... it's me, Sasha Belle & I cracked the code! Thursday edition - May 02, 2019

My two-piece-and-biscuits on the "Brooke will have the best stats and it's fair and anyone else is deluded and race shouldn't matter".

Race /shouldn't/ matter, is true, but it really does.

As a POC, it's frustrating of me to see seasons like AS3 to have a top four of talented people of colour only for the white girl to win, then in AS4 with 8/10 POC, and a white girl wins again, S10 watching POC just get the bum's rush out of the competition, S9 with a POC Queen stomping only to lose it thanks to a last-minute gimmick, and S11 looks to be another POC and one white girl and the white girl wins again.

That's frustrating, you can cut and slice it with any way you want with buts and excuses, but it's still frustrating.

On top of that, POC tend to be disproportionately affected by twists and suspicious critiques, while white Queens tend to get free passes.

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