Dear diary... it's me, Sasha Belle & I cracked the code! Thursday edition - August 22, 2019

So I started working at a new place (I live in a conservative EU country and I work for the government so bear with my overthinking) a few weeks ago and I was already clocked by a gay coworker on Grindr. He works in another department, but still the same building. Neither of us had a profile pic (incognito at work duh), but he already asked me to meet up, so we met up at work and he seemed really shy and introverted (and so am I) and he gave me very confusing signs ever since, but he also keeps messaging me like every day, but I have a strong feeling I might not really be his type and our convos are mostly just joking around. Worst case scenario I have a gay friend at work, but I just really needed to get this off my chest, think yew.

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