Dear diary... it's me, Sasha Belle & I cracked the code! Thursday edition - August 22, 2019

This is really speculative because it depends on the cast that she’s with too but I feel like it would most likely be

Episode 1 - Safe (I can’t really see what she’d do for this but she might get by without being in the bottom two)

Episode 2 - Safe or possibly even high as she’s decent with lyrics related challenges

Episode 3 - Win

Episode 4 - High

Episode 5 - Bottom four

Episode 6 - Probably get sent home here lol (jk Kimora but hmmmmmm?)

Episode 7 - Win (I don’t know why I feel like the whole charisma critiques would really work in her favour and she’d probably vibe well with the guests the most

Episode 8 - Bottom two (if she isn’t gone in the LalaPaRuza episode she’d probably be gone here)

Likely to come either 6th or 7th IN MY OPINION

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