Dear followers, what you want us to post?

TL;DR.. I love what you have posted so far. Would love to see more pics and gifs of the lady’s body and more videos of you together.

Hi! Congratulations on your new found success! Although I’m not into men, it’s nice to see both of you posting both single and as a couple. Just please continue to tag nervous laugh Speaking of titles, you guys started getting creative. The Life Pro Tip and Quick Advice were nice touches. I’m here because I really am enjoying your pictures. They are a little more artsy than graphic (like Pijama Monday or the Passionate about the smell pic). And the amount of hardcore I consume on here... let’s just say I appreciate the quality and editing that you are bringing to your post.

I would like to see more of the misses! She has a nice frame, beautiful skin, a nice, round booty (both in and out of underwear). A holy god pussy with mouth watering asshole. And from what I can tell, a good pair of boobs with pretty nipples. Please correct me if I’m wrong! I’m a ass man so anything with a view of her rear, I’m supporting. Tbh, I’m supporting anything with her teasing with her body. She’s sexy.

Turn Up The Heat! You guys are good at teasing. Keep posting faceless pics and the sneak peek dick pics too. A little mystery can go a long way, plus save you some trouble. But the picture of her spreading is magnificent. No disrespect, but I would bury my face in her ass. I want to see you bury your face in it, and her sucking and licking you, and what you look like inside of her, and what she looks like on top of you.

Which brings me to my next point. GIFS AND VIDEOS. It doesn’t matter what it is, just post it. You two are sexy! Show us what you like to do, how you turn each other on, how you spice it up! Doesn’t matter, just give it to us (I sound so creepy right now lol).

I am a fan of the subs that y’all have posted to. I’d say post to more subs. Depending on what you want to use Reddit for, you could blast the home improvement picture to about 50 pages and gain karma and a buzz. I’d PREFER that you take a more organic route and stay posting new content to gw and gwcouple and making it fill more exclusive. While still making regular post on godpussy and ratemycock. Responding to comments on your post and commenting on others. I want to see gifs, and videos, and screenshots, pics that you’re taking for each other, of each other. Before you have sex, during sex, after sex, on a day where you don’t have sex.

I wrote this because you two look good and I would love to watch it grow into more. Sorry this was so long.

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