Dear impatient friends on the road

I never tailgate, I don't honk at people, and I never use "the finger" for fear someone will shoot me in Dallas. I am sympathetic to you and especially your dog. However, please keep in mind that most people just want to get home to feed their kids, take care of their own dogs, get to work, get to relatives in the hospital, etc. The only thing between them and their loved ones, their job and/or their safety is YOU. ALL of us have one duty when driving - to proceed forward. When the light turns green, go. After we stop at a stop sign, move. If we are driving more slowly than the rest of the traffic, stay in the right lane or avoid being on highways and major roads during rush hour. We have too many cars on too few roads. Hopefully, one day we will implement driving tests that test for judgment and not simply the ability to turn on the ignition and put the car in "D" for drive.

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