Dear married, working SDs..

I'm an SB with a 7 year vanilla relationship, I live with my fiance. We opened up our relationship and I joined SA. I wanted to date older, more mature men. Added bonus of funding extra student loan payments.

My SD is married, no kids. DB situation so I make a big effort to satisfy him sexually. We are both very satisfied. I'm sexually satisfied by both fiance and SD. Emotionally we click, we text every day and talk on the phone often. So there's definitely an emotional support aspect for SD and I.

My fiance and SD are fully aware of each other. During the pandemic, I began working from home. Fiance and SD work outside the home. I've found time to see my SD while fiance is at work; spending SD's lunch hour with him, or SD will leave work early afternoon to spend time with me.

When fiance comes home from work I try to be attentive to him and not ignore him while texting SD. I could be better at this some days! Other days fiance plays call of duty after work so I continue to text SD with fiance right next to me on the couch.

Both of these men feed my soul in different ways. I've been with SD for 5 months and I grow more fond of him by the day. My fiance and I have recently set our wedding date for 2022.

This quasi-polyamourous-sugar thing I have going on works perfectly for me right now. Make time for what you want!

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