Dear men: No, we don't like being harrassed by attractive guys.

First of all I don't really give a flying f... about anyone else but myself, because I learned a loooong time ago people are bastards and every relationship crumbles like Jericho's walls, but how do you think men should attract females if they're not allowed to approach them? I get there are limits, but still I'm curious. Was the it swipe to left or was it right? I'm really bad with this modern techonology and this modern courtship. See I have been living in the basement consuming nothing but adult content and hatred made by other basement dwellers so I'm kind of out of the loop.

So my question is. How I am I as male~ of my species supposed to attract any female without talking to them? Do I throw money at them and do some kind of Trepak while doing bird noices?

Creepy is creepy, and one should understand that no means no, and it happens to men too. I was enjoying my drink in a bar and this older "lady" comes to me graps my crotch and licks my face... I would say that's a bit too much.

So I know something are off-limits, but how the hell anyone is supposed to "test the water" if you're not allowed to talk to each other? I kind of established it already that it isn't very smart tactic to say something like "I want to f... you in your mouth so hard you have another hole in the back of your skull made by my d..."
But honestly, women approach men so rarely that I would assume I'm going to get scammed or at the best case scenario wake up in a bathtub full of ice and with a new scar, if it happened to me. Fear not ladies, even after the COVID has done it's job you won't be eyeballing me except in order to laugh.

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