Dear politics. It is time we, the people have a healthy debate, and decide how how to go forward.

This election is about anti-establishment politics. The Internet has provided people with information about all the ways government has become complacent and has worked with corporations and big money influences to hurt the majority of people.

Unfortunately, the DNC believes that Clinton can be the one to hold on to the current paradigm a bit longer. Republicans broke first due to 8 years of Obama. Establishment politicians from the GOP were voted out and replaced by tea party members who claimed to take on Washington politics. It wasn't full blown anti-establishment, but it was trending in that direction.

Trump is resonating with many of the same voters that supported tea party members. He is also bringing in those looking to take an aggressive approach against establishment politics. He gets people motivated energized when he goes after a Bush dynasty member or Mitt Romney. They love when he insults the media. These are all qualities you'd expect from someone taking on the establishment.

Democrats are in for a rude awakening if Hillary wins the nomination. To risk losing the White House over a candidate like her, with so much dirty laundry that will continue to energize voters against her, I just don't see a strong showing for democrats in November. The trust issues will still be there. The big money will still be there. She won't be able to play the good vs evil game because she might even be the evil one here.

Sanders vs Trump is the best outcome for the DNC. They can play the good vs evil card. Establishment disdain will be a non-issue here. So we are left with policy and personal insults. Between the two, other than Trump calling Sanders a commie what worse can he do? Sanders can paint him as a racist, bigot who hates women and wants to continue to help the rich.

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