Dear Rocksteady.

Oh it wasn't after the video was posted, at least not what I thought. I saw her twitter, She was thanking them for Making a change. And then the next thing I saw was a new story that said she demanded not having her name in the game at all...

If she actually suffered bad things, then that's really shitty and they need to fix it(And they are) But Just to have them say they are working on it, and several people signed something saying it's better, AND they hired an outside firm to fix things and interview current and former employees to do so, and then AFTER that, to say you don't want your name on the game, and then whatever the timing of the video is, Also to have this ALL reemerge a week before their big game comes out? And DC Fandome? It's like either to hurt them, or something, I don't like that, This could have been brought up at any other time, she said she got let go like years ago

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