Dear Russian speakers of Reddit: Why do you queue on EU West?

  • Most of russians 90% bad and no game sense at all
  • Always rage in their language and rage buyback often
  • Even if 9 player is english speaker 1 russian still talks with their langauge
  • Always type and rage every after death
  • Like how do they even in their rank? seriously? no game sense, no counter picking, blames teammates always using russian language, goes retarded nonmeta build like dagon bounty, rushing high price item
  • insta locking pudge, sf, carry, mid
  • no teamplay, always solo dies blames teammates using russian language
  • just afk farming then thinks he is good
  • only russians protect russians on reddit
  • i hope there is good russians but 99% on russians on eu complete cancer
  • even russians hate playing with each other
  • they are bad at everything
  • and so on.
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