Death by Fentanyl 50 times stronger than heroin: The ‘serial killer’ of drugs (2016)

Opiate withdrawal is horrible. Landed me in a rehab two states away. At the time i was 17, my daily dose was 20mg ir opana every 6-8 hours with percocet as needed. I was up to around 300mg of oxycodone when i was checked in to the rehab. They said to my mother to NOT bring any medications. They also said that the place is basically a hospital, they said that you're in a bed with iv's and fluids and that the withdrawals will be minimal, that you wouldn't really feel it. Alright sounds good! So we bring the medicine anyways just in case, and we fly down. We get to temple texas and it is very green. We roll up to the rehab and immediately notice that this is not a hospital like they said. We go into admissions with an intake lady, and she tells us again, they don't need the medications. We do all the paperwork, i give my shoelaces to my mom and we separate. I go in, and everybody is up and active. Okay..this must not be my ward. I ask the lady and she says "This is insert staff name here and he's your hall staff for today" oh fuck, this is definitely not good. There was no iv's, and there was a lot of withdrawals. I saw the doctor for my physical and everything, and he says that all he can offer me is tramadol, an extremely weak synthetic opioid. I politely decline and ask to talk to my parents. They say that since it is not a phone day (which are Thursday and Saturday) and i'll have to wait. I do the program for the day, and i wake up early the next morning in tears from withdrawals. I beg to the staff just to talk to my parents. I got lucky with a nice old lady who let me call. I called, and apparently, they called my mom when she was in a layover airport asking her if she brought my So, we asked two different people and our case manager asked as well about the medicine and they completely lied. I went through the withdrawals completely cold turkey, and it was fucking horrible. Nightmares, cold sweats, unbelievable cramps, diarrhea, everything. Just horrible. I was supposed to stay there for their 21 day program, then transfer somewhere closer to home for actual treatment. This was supposed to just be a place to get off my medicine. Then my therapist said that they're considering just sending me home to do a partial inpatient, where i sleep at home and go to a treatment place during the day for 8 hours instead of a full lockdown. My therapist was talking to my mom about booking flights, looking at places around our house to do the partial inpatient and everything. Then, on the 20th day, my doctor at the rehab finally steps in and says i need to do RTC (residential treatment center). Not only do i need to do a few months in an RTC, that i need to do it at their facility! So i was told that i would be there for another few months. Great..i get walked over to RTC the next morning, i stay there in the daily shuffle for a few weeks, so i had been here for a total of a month and a half.

Then i get transferred somewhere closer to home. I got transferred to a rehab that i had been to before, i stayed there for a total of three weeks. They changed my meds around a little, then sent me home.

I've been sober 10 months, and the only thing really keeping me going is the fact that i'm 18 now and if i fuck up, i'll end up somewhere worse than where i was.

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