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The Death of Gabriel Fernandez

The Death of Gabriel Fernandez

I grew up in a house of abuse and neglect. I, too, was told things would get worse if I called the authorities or 9-1-1. One day I worked up the courage to do so, but hung up. 9-1-1 showed up anyway, and I feared, literally, for my life. I could feel my abuser's eyes as we all shut up and let the adult(s) reply that it was just an issue

Teachers often pried and would ask why my white shirts had blood on the sleeves, and they would pull me aside to ask. I begged them not to to do anything, and insisted I was just roughhousing or some shit. I was a tomboy, so it was plausible. They would call the house, and when they did, my abuser would hold my arm, telling me to "get ready" while I listened to the excuses they fed, and after they hung up the phone, I'd receive more abuse. I'd go in to school the next do and do my best, but they'd know by the way I was sitting, or moving, that something went very wrong after their "call". But slowly, they stopped prying so much. It was better when I could at least be happy at school, and not have to fake it because I was awoken at 12am or 1am that night for the beating of my life for "doing something wrong". It was better when I was open and talking. And I was deathly afraid of going somewhere WORSE then where I was. How much worse could it get? Apparently much worse, according to my abuser.

When I told my abuser this story, years later, they laughed and told me that "it was amazing CPS wasn't called."

Anyway, these situations aren't as black and white as they seem. Yes, adults have a responsibility, but I think parenting and psych courses should be required once people get into highschool or something so there's no excuse when someone has a kid.

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