Death in the Melbourne Cup

Call me insensitive but I don't really give a shit how many horses die in the Melbourne Cup. I don't give a shit about the cup or horse racing or gambling in general. They don't get a cent out of me.

I also don't even give a shit about the crap people watch on free to air or the morons they listen to on the radio or which team wins the footy. I am on reddit for a reason and rejecting Australian media and the boring retarded shit they want to push on me is part of it.

I am not going to join an army demanding equine liberation. My dog will be as happy to eat tinned racehourse as any other meat. Nothing wasted. Good doggy.

I know I am cynical but I was friends with someone who dragged me along to animal liberation shit once. Same person went to racing events. Weird how concerns for animal welfare disappear with a glass of wine in your hand and a chance to dress up.

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