DEATH STRANDING – Performance Capture Video.

I feel like it was stretched out a bit too much. Like I did a bit of side stuff but not tooo much and it takes about 45 hours to finish. Quite a long time considering there can be a 10 hour stretch where you get no big story progression parts and instead it's just 10 hours of adding more and more locations to the network. I feel like a few places could have been removed with no impact, the ones that at super close together and you drop something off then never hear from them again. Like get rid of the photographer and a couple of mountain ones. Fewer places to add to the network but make it harder to get between them.

If you took all the properrr cut scenes it feels like they'll only add up to 2 hours.

I'd give it a 7 for the genre it's in and it's not a game that I'd recommend because if you don't like it then you reallyyyy won't like it.

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