Death's approach brings clarity. This Unique Amulet can be found in Blight-ravaged Maps.

Although the other blight uniques do work, there's certainly a nominal concern that this will function more like Hands of the High Templar. See, the thing is that these gear slots already have room for a single enchantment (whether it's a quality modifier like the chest or a lab enchantment like boots and gloves). So without the explicit granting more enchantment slots, it seems entirely possible that the slots themselves will get removed when corrupted, thus resulting in losing all but 1 enchantment if the item bricks.

With that said, the fact that it only drops in blight-ravaged maps means that it'll have a very high ilvl. +1 max resistances and +iiq will always be on the table. So it'll still be an amulet people want to corrupt--I'm just not sure that bricking it will be a good idea.

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