The December Community Event is over now, what did you think about it?

So I missed the stardust blast so I stacked and I wanna share how to see if I missed any golden opps: 1.) I downloaded regular app turned on advent sync, then turned it off, and actually walked 9 10km eggs to almost hatch. 2.) I applied a star piece and a lucky egg, hatched all 10km eggs, opened gifts from 15 friends on the verge of being best friends and hit best friends with lucky egg on (friends knew going into it and luckily all 15 got me back within 30 minutes.) I incubated 9 7km eggs and turned advent sync back on, all kms walked loaded into app all eggs hatched. 3.) I logged out of regular app and switched phones, I spoofed Saragossa and turned on my go-tcha in previously set up route. 4.) I proceeded to catch 100 Nidoking Nidoqueen stacked research tasks from friendship event (500 dust for 3gen normally, 1000 boosted by event, 1500 boosted by starpiece + 300ish each for weather boosted cloudy.) Go-tcha was catching when I wasnt. 5.) Disconnect go-tcha and fast catch everything for remaining time. 6.) -> I came out with approximately .6mil dust after 30m to invest in my PVP mons from event and from there I played it for what it was still using starpieces while catching in boosted hours but not with as much fervent. Anyone do anything else to max out on stardust benefits?

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