Deck Building Thread of the week 6/5

Because of it's uniquely low cycle time of 7.2 seconds the C2A1 in comparison to all other light machine guns has the third highest average DPS in block-to-block (<245m) & CQC fighting:

  1. l.MG3: 0.308 HE/s
  2. LMG 944: 0.294 HE/s
  3. C2A1: 0.278 HE/s

The l.MG3 has a cycle time of 26 seconds but more than makes up for it in rate of fire and accuracy

In comparison the Riflemen '90's M60:

0.156 HE/s @ 245m
0.182 HE/s @ <140m (doesn't reach it's maximum DPS until 140m) 0.00 HE/s @ CQC (not capable of CQC)

This means that even though the 20 point '75 Canadian Airborne use Battle Rifles they still do on average close to 2x the DPS of Riflemen '90. Not to mention the Bison transport has 2 frontal and side armor, is 20 km/h faster, and has amphibious capabilities all for the same price as the Humvee.

More importantly it could be argued the C2A1 is actually tied with the l.MG3 in terms of overall performance due to it's vastly superior suppression damage:

(again in block to block & CQC fighting)
1. l.MG3: 1.23 Suppression per m² per second
2. LMG 944: 2.29 Suppression per m² per second
3. C2A1: 4.46 Suppression per m² per second

Only 4 other machine guns in the game come even close to this kind of suppression damage, but they all have inferior DPS and 2 of them don't even have CQC capability:

Type 81 & RPK:

0.273 HE/s @ <245m
2.92 Suppression per m² per second @ <245m

Kg m/37 & Type 73 LMG:

0.254 HE/s @ 245m
0.278 HE/s @ <140m
0.00 HE/s @ CQC (not capable of CQC)
0.408 Suppression per m² per second @ 245m
0.446 Suppression per m² per second @ <140m

In conclusion the only reason I would ever take Riflemen '90 is for the Bradley, at which point you have to also consider the option of the 10 point Canadian Rifles '85 and their still superior C6 machine gun in combination with the highly affordable TH-495. The TH-495 is 5 points cheaper than the cheapest Bradley, and has the superior KBA 25 auto-cannon which already has 70% higher DPS at max range due to it's vastly superior rate of fire (and at close ranges it's simply in an entirely different league)

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