[Deck] How can I improve this deck? Im struggling with Cyberdark Decks and Six Samurai are also hard to deal with any cards you would swap for others?

My recipe is

2 Uma, 2 Kraken, 2 Mahjong, 2 Dynatherium, 3 Nemesis, 1 Sphere Kuriboh, 3 Final Battle, 3 C Cyclone, 1 Canadia, 1 TTH

Im pretty much good in most battles besides Ancient Gear and 30/70 shitty hands. Six sam are tough here and there but if you got a good hand they die. I’ve never faced a Dark Lord deck and Im most anxious to.

It’s also important that I mention I use Switcheroo. I use cosmic cyclone to activate the skill fir desperate times. Mahjong is good to me cuz’ Im usually dumping Nemesis who is really easy to revive, it’s really a free summon. Dynatherium is good most of the time cuz you can pop off with Nemesis right away.

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