[Deck] Toon Desperado

Hallo, Toon only player here.

Given that you already have 3 coins, that toons greatly benefit from card draw to fish out the single Kingdom, I've been playing a similar black stone desperado list with Cups of Ace and Master of Destiny for a few days now. I already had a coin toons list so it required minimal tweaking.

But on your list, while I really like cards of the red stone... god this is a spectacular amount of bricks. Like, literally no monsters are playable but Black Stone, and drawing any combination of Kingdom, ToC, Second Coin Toss, Proton Blast, or the nine (!) levels 7+ is a super dead hand. That amounts to 7/20 cards playable for actual game impact from the hand, and the red stone only if you also drew red-eyes.

Two in three games you literally do not get to play a single card. Maybe less than that, if you don'w draw redeyes with Cards of the red stone or your opponent shuts down drowning. Let that sink in.

Plus, the obvious: Kingdom protection extrending to Toon Barrel Dragon means it either has to be destroyed with only World on the board, which is a suboptimal scenario for toons for a whole lot of other reasons, or you have to intentionally let it die on battle which makes Kingdom moot, and floats into a monster that while spectacular, has no Kingdom protection. There's a ton of toons that die on Kingdom destruction so Desperado could be a nice tool of recovery... if not for the fact that Barrel Dragon is a Class 3 Toon and therefore survives kingdom destruction.

All in all, good as a one-off joke, but so agressively inconsistent and running so many bricks that at list this particular list is virtually unplayable. The idea might have some merit though.

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