Declassified documents show CIA knew of secret Latin assassin unit - With the blessing of a CIA bent on thwarting Soviet expansion, South American military juntas together formed a special unit charged with going to France and elsewhere abroad to exterminate leftist opposition leaders

Exactly!! As a turkish when i say Erdogan was supported by CIA they laugh at me. But Erdoğan was a poor worker who got into an Islamic Cult (this cults leader is still living in Pennsylvania, in a huge mansion). Erdogan was jailed in Turkey in 1999. Buy however this poor worker managed to find an expensive lawyer and carried his case to Europe. He won the case and immediately after leaving jail he visited the US, in a private jet. He literally have a photo with a black CIA agent in a private jet. Why did they took a photo with a nobody from Turkey?

In Turkey if a person is convicted of any offence and sentenced to an imprisonment, this will be disqualification to contest elections. But somehow he got into elections with a private order from judges which were kinda sketchy. Shortly after these he became mayor of Istanbul, then the prime minister. His career was literally made by USA.

The US supports radical islamists and anti secular leaders in the Middle East. And then they came back to free us and teach us democracy, killing us in the process.

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