Declined to give dates of last period… got scolded

Every time I am asked if I am pregnant, I say no. There is NO possible way. But if I refuse a urine test, they always run it with any bloodwork they have already done, without my permission.

Mind you, I am 50, haven't had a period in 12 years, had my tubes tied 23 years ago, have had an endometrial ablation for fibroids and polyps, and I have pelvic floor issues that have made the act of procreation impossible for some time.

But they still insist on testing me, then informing me that I am, indeed, not pregnant. It makes me SOOOOOO angry. I have been at the same hospital for many many years and they have all of this info. YET - YET!! I cannot get even a gyn to do a test to see if I have entered menopause "because it wouldn't change anything".

Well being asked hurts my heart every time because my cystic fibrosis threatened to complicate everything - conception, carrying, raising a child, and being able to maintain my own health.

I never feel in control of my own body.

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