I think you have to realize that the culture of your surroundings is what directly shapes your own individual identity. You can take a French baby whose ancestry has been ethnically French for a millennia, give him over to a British family in the UK, never tell him that he’s French, and he’ll go on believing that he’s just as British as his parents until the day he dies. It’s not him being Anglo-washed; it’s just him being him, a product of his cultural surroundings. Likewise, when an immigrant couple moves to the US and has kids, their kids are going to be culturally American, since that’s their surroundings. They aren’t “letting white supremacy win” or being “white-washed,” they’re just being themselves. Trying to “recreate” a piece of culture when you’re a generation removed from it just feels phony, in my opinion - a cheap imitation of the true culture back in your ancestral lands. You’re you - you’re a product of your surroundings - and you’re going to be great either way.

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