Deepak Chopra gets owned by a Thug

It's all well and good dismissing Deepak's words as woo woo and nonsense, but no one ever really explains why it is nonsense.

People also say that Deepak is arrogant, but there is also arrogance shown from the likes of Harris, who feel that because they are on the side of science, they can dismiss anything that doesn't fit into a scientific world view, with an air of superiority. Science in that respect really is turning into a religious-like cult, where if you speak about the world in a different way you're immediately hounded and called a bullshitter. You must think about the world in a strictly empirical way, no room for anything else.

Science doesn't know nor can it explain everything. It tends to ask more questions than it answers, and just because you can explain how physical phenomena works in great detail, that doesn't make it any less mysterious. You know how gravity works? Great. But does it not impress you that it even exists at all?

Science is a wonderful thing, it is an incredibly important part of our society, but don't let it narrow your mind so much that you become blind to other perspectives. Deepak may be guilty of overdoing it with flowery language, but underneath it a lot of what he says makes sense and is thought-provoking.

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